Some Pages not yet Available

Sorry but this page is not available at the moment but hopefully will be soon. There are 6 sections of the pull-down that are under preparation but because of all the background research that goes into posting these topics, it just takes time. The topics under preparation at tthe moment are:-
1) Care and Care Homes. This section will look at finding a way through the care system and the 2017 Care Quality assessment of Care Homes in England. We will also look at Care Home abuse which has been so prominent in the news. The Continued Healthcare Funding is described elsewhere on this site together with the absurd notion that the NHS use to avoid paying in that Dementia is a social condition rather than a medical condition and the extent to which the NHS goes to deny care funding.
2) Treatments. Unfortunately there is not much in the way of non-drug treatments but amongst other things we will look at transcranial magnetic stimulation and the way in which some patients can manage their dementia despite the fact that their brains are clearly shrinking. We will also look at some indicators of dementia risk.
3) The Drug Track Record. the Holy Grail is clearly to find a drug to cure Alzheimer's. Now Dementia is a neurodegenerative process and that't where the problem lies because you can't take sample of the living brain to find out what the real degenerate mechanism is. So drug trials are really based on a 'best-guess' with the hope that something might turn up. Testing is initially usually on mice and if we were mice we would probably be cured if all the promise coming out of mice trials is to be believed. We will look at the drug research history and what current research is targetting.

In the meantime please explore the rest of the site. If you have any questions or comments, please use the contact form.